A consistent experience across iPhone and iPad: Twitter now has one app for iPhone and iPad.

Tweetbot 3 for Twitter (iPhone & iPod touch)

Twitter's adaptive UI serves up an optimum line length, font size, and view no matter which device you're using. Easy tweeting: Press the composition button to go to a new screen where you can type a tweet, add a photo, and tag your location. Great layout: Twitter is very easy to navigate on the small screen. The composition button sits up top, and the bottom rail includes Home, Notifications, Messages, and Me icons with descriptions underneath, so even first-time users will know what they're pressing. On your profile page, you can see how many people you're following and how many people are following you.

You'll also see three buttons in the middle: Tweets your tweets , Media the photos and videos you've posted , and Favorites the tweets you've favorited. Profile customization: Unlike Facebook, Twitter enables you to customize your profile page with the header photo of your choice. To edit your profile, press the Edit Profile button on the top right. To edit your settings, view lists, get help, or sign out, tap the settings icon at top center. Robust search: Searching Twitter is a pleasure. Click the magnifying button and type in an item, and you'll find Top Tweets or All Tweets about the person or topic.

Twitter's official iPhone app

Toggle between the two to find the most relevant results. Under that you'll find pertinent photos and accounts. Great shopping tool: Under Recent Searches, you'll find three categories that help you search twittershopping: Shopping, Entertainment, and Places. Shopping lists tweets about popular products from popular accounts. Entertainment shows you movies, books, and apps to consume. Places lists tweets about destinations ranging from the faraway to local restaurants and boutiques.

If you're wordy, then Twitter's character limit won't work for you. No linking or emoji buttons: Facebook enables you to click its Add a Link button or emoji button to search popular stories or ones you've recently clicked or a variety of emoji to add to your posts. It would be nice if Twitter offered the same functionality. Twitter is a great communication and discovery tool, and the unified app for iPhone and iPad makes for a more consistent user experience.

From breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics, and everyday interests, when it happens in the world, it happens on Twitter first. See all sides of the story. Join the conversation. Watch live streaming events.

Twitter is what's happening in the world and what people are talking about right now. More highlights: Watch premium and exclusive live streams directly from your mobile device. No account required. Go Live with a tap or sit back and watch events unfold from around the world. Discover what your favorite sports, news, politics, and entertainment thought leaders are talking about. Experience dynamic media -- like photos, videos, and GIFs. Retweet, share, like, or reply to Tweets in your timeline. Write a Tweet to let the world know what's happening with you.

See what topics and hashtags are trending now. Discover Moments, curated stories showcasing the very best of today's biggest events. Get caught up on news headlines and videos. Relive the latest sports highlights. Be in the know about pop culture and entertainment. See what fun stories are going viral. Find out who started following you. Discover which of your Tweets were liked or Retweeted. With Twitter becoming more and more popular each year, the competition for the best Twitter app is in its prime.

Free Twitter Apps for iPhone

Let's investigate the feature lists, functionality, and overall design of some of the top Twitter clients for the iPhone and see who truly has the best app—or the best one for your needs. Tweetbot is surely the best Twitter client available at the moment.

How to install any app on iphone 4, 4s its required to ios 7.1.2 by Technical

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing—with its interactive interface, beautiful design, and integrated sounds—but it goes above and beyond when it comes to functionality. The app really comes to life as you utilize gestures to explore your timeline. The best thing about Tweetbot is how they treat lists. A list is a curated group of Twitter users and a great way to organize your interests. Unlike any other Twitter client I have seen, Tweetbot allows you to view your lists as one sleek, fully functional timeline.

If you currently do not use lists, you may want to start. It will make your existence in Twitterland much more simple and entertaining. Want to get the most out of Twitter on your iPhone? Look no further than Tweetbot. It's worth mentioning that some users are unhappy with the remake of the app but love the design, so they continue to use the older Tweetbot 2 linked below.

For a free Twitter option, Twitter for iPhone is certainly your best bet. It has a clean, bright theme and utilizes most features you would need in an iPhone app. For example, if you see a trend that makes no sense to you, you can press the icon in the bottom left of the screen whilst viewing the trend's feed to get an explanation for it. One of the best features is an easy way to access the reply, retweet, favorite, and other common commands by simply swiping across a tweet.

The clean interface and iOS integration that come with this app put it a cut above. This is a great free and easy Twitter option. Osfoora has been one of the more popular Twitter clients. It offers many of the same features as Twitter for iPhone, but improves on a few.

For example, when I wake up, I like to read the tweets that were made while I was asleep. Osfoora gives you a counter on the timeline icon that indicates how many tweets were made when you last refreshed. Very useful if you follow a lot of people. It does, however, lack push notifications.

You would think that by now, push notifications would be standard in all Twitter apps. But Osfoora 2 is an excellent Twitter alternative. UberSocial is potentially the best third party free Twitter app. Its interface consists of a top menu that has so many options to view your timeline, photos, favorites, and much more. Though UberSocial includes everything you'll ever need to see in a twitter app, the extensive interface can get confusing. If you just want everything in one place, and don't want to pay the price, head straight to UberSocial for a comprehensive, satisfactory app.

What's great about Echofon is that you can now enjoy Twitter push notification without dropping a dime. That's of course if you don't mind the ads. It also exists in an ad-free version linked below but the app's very limited set of features are definitely not worth spending the money they are asking for it.

If you don't use Twitter much and you're just looking for a simple free client with push notifications, Echofon is all you need. Twitterific is a cute little Twitter app that is perfect for those looking for the most basic, fun experience. The menu has your timeline, mentions, and messages.

A lot of the other features found in other apps are not included.

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For non-serious Twitter users, who just want a good-looking app that lets them stay updated with their friends, this is the one for you. Twittelator Neue is gorgeous in design, but a bit behind when it comes to function. Although it has a lot going for it, and does most things a Twitter client should, its lack of push notifications and iOS 5 Notification Center integration really makes it not worth it right now.

Wait until they update it to include these things, which I am certain they will do shortly. Keep an eye out for updates, because this Twitter client is both functional and beautiful—as if it were made by Apple itself.