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An Android version of QQ International was released on September The client's interface is in English, French, Spanish, German.

I was disappointed to discover that too and i felt it was rather misleading. It was rather pointless having my Garmin Swim data on the phone, as I could see more detail browsing it directly on the watch. So I have two swim sessions which I cannot seem to get onto my Garmin Connect account. I deleted ST Uploader in disgust, so even if the files were on my Android device, they now seem to be gone, so I cannot attempt a manual upload even if I could find the raw. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Is there any way to fetch. They require special drivers.

Either way, here is a cheaper place to get the mini stick: Guessing it was a way to save a couple pennies. Not really an issue for a stationary notebook, but more of a concern if used on a bike. While full Windows 8 tablets e. For example, SportsTracks 3 does not fit the resolution of the typical Even auto-rotate does not reveal the charts section.

Garmin Training Center fits better and almost all the functionality is available, albeit tiny. Until some of the programs are modified for tablets, it kind of defeats the purpose of traveling with a GPS watch and a Windows tablet, if you have to bring along a laptop to analyze the data. Any sense about how and if possible to connect Nike Sportswatch to iPad in similar fashion? Not necessarily to nike site but through an aggregator app like Runmeter.

Great writeup. Also the USB key does matter. Mine was the older version, from an old FR50 or Garmin I snagged one of the others from a newer device and it worked well. USB1 keys are not supported at this time. Thanks for another clear and detailed tutorial, you rule! Thank you! Just read this after downloading my morning ride using my Nexus 10 and edge with otg cable. I use the Nexus Media Importer app to get my activity data to Strava. The xt and Sony Xperia combo makes for a very streamlined easy squeezy way to upload data.

Sounds like another way to streamline uploading. Technically it uploads to the Wahoo App just fine, but I find that the data once transferred to Garmin Connect ends up a bit wonky. True, though, I find that the data comes out all wonky once you upload it to Garmin Connect. Are you getting clean data after the upload? At least it was transfered to the iPhone via Wahoo.

So I cannot say what will show up in Garmin Connect. But if you have tested it already …. Hey, Is there anywhere a comparison between the different training logging programs on your website? No, nothing at present. Ray How to upload running data from garmin forerunner with an iPhone 4S? Thanks for your post and blog.

No, unfortunately not. The Android app guys did reverse engineer it though for their app. Hello ray Thanks for the post and your blog. I am a French fan. How to upload data from garmin with an iPhone 4S? Another solution? Yes, the Lightning adapter works with the Wahoo key just as you described. Uploading works just fine with the new kit.

One of the main reasons I returned my Suunto S2 was the fact there was no way to get around not using my computer for uploads. Yes, it mounts as a mass storage device. I guess the next question is what file format is the files? You need one of these:. Then plug the SD card into the AirStash. Not sure what would work with other services. Same price point too — about Euros. I also saw someone else used the SD card slot on their printer and did the same thing. There was also a product a ways back that was on a Kickstarter of sorts that was aimed for the other Garmin handheld units hiking, etc..

I e-mailed them and they thought it would work on the Edge series, but I never heard back from them beyond that. Is there any way to get a garmin file,tcx or fit file uploaded to trainingpeaks. I can get the file from my garmin to my android tablet but then I need and app that can import and upload the file. Anybody out there that can help me?

It would be so great to leave the computer at home and only bring my tablet. Great site ray! Not natively, but on most Android tablets you should be able to browse to that SD card at that point if from an Edge device and upload it. Trainingpeaks is flash based,and jelly bean dosnt support it. It opens Adobe Any ideas? Thanks for your effort, but these are crazy solutions, it should be easier. Well you can do it with IpBike under Android. In the name of testing I currently upload to 8 different sites but there all done automatically once I have added my description of the activity.

I have no plans of doing Iphone support but I am surprised there is not an Iphone app with something similar. It was pretty much the first app out there years ago to support uploading to all the different services. I use IpBike and find it a highly functional cycle computer app. It gives you a wide choice of export formats and auto uploads as Ifor described. It reports some interesting stats e. Thanks for your great post Ray! It never even passed my mind you could use a tablet to upload activities from a Forerunner.

I can confirm that the Uploader app link to play. No root needed, not even a powered USB-hub is necessary. Just like the developer and Ray mentions, the Sportablet only works on a 10inch screen. So sweet! Thanks for the heads up! I know this article is about Garmin, but this is just an fyi for those who are using Timex. We are cycling in France this summer and at the moment only have the Garmin and an ipad. Thanks, and thanks for all the great info.

But you can use GarminSync. Two energy bars or a sports drink equals what he is asking for his app. Will that work or I have to buy the Garmin One? The Garmin Uploader app supports it as of last night. Has anyone had luck with a or other usb model? Also doing this with a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, so knowing if anyone has gotten it to work with Motorola branded Android would be helpful too.

Going on trip soon and would like to not have to bring the laptop just to upload workout from forerunner 10 will be out a couple weeks, I believe it only keeps the last 7. I do have a galaxy s3 that might work according to this information. Any help on what exact y cable I would need for my S3 and Forerunner 10 setup would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorta like how a laptop does. So… Y part 1: Power from some other USB port Y part 2: Connected to Android device for data The end of the Y: That leaves female USB exposed. The Forerunner 10 has the proprietary hookup with a male USB left. What do I do with these two ends? What do I have wrong? Thanks so much. You know what, I see the problem. Also Ray, just wondering, in the android scenario where you used the usb hub, did you test connecting the hub to tablet and then device to hub? So takes out the need for the Y cable all together? So just wanted to see if there was a reason for one approach over another.

Also an update on the Y cable, route. I can get things to be recognized on another phone, but not mine. Hence the massive combination compatibility charts that are out there for hardware-related items. Really wish it was simpler, as it would greatly enhance the ecosystem. Another question.

Am I able to store the files on my phone and upload to Garmin connect when I get home from a trip just utilizing the free functionality of the app, or am I going to need to purchase the full app to get the data on garmin connect? I purchased the full version, my understanding though is that with the trial you can validate connectivity to the device, but the uploading piece costs the money. Ray, hypothetical question re: Would this setup work: Taking the Apple camera connector kit, the and a USB splitter so you could also provide power to the at the same time and then used the Garmin connect App to upload the files as if it were bluetooth?

It came down to the only advantage of the being the bluetooth but now we will end up taking the laptop on a long trip. Thanks, and thanks for this thread. Came along at a very opportune moment. FIT files off of the device. Ideally what we would need is an iPhone app that could read the device and look for. FIT files, as opposed to just images. However, it was not for the feint of heart NOTE: After building the cable I could then get devices like a mouse to work, but not usb drives.

I dug out a free usb hub I got at a conference and connect that to my abomination of a cable that was plugged into a usb wall charger and the phone. From here all I had to do was plug the watch into the hub via the usb cable and it all worked. Now to go test in the car…. I want to be able to get my ride data into Strava at the end of each day. Based on reading your article I plan to use my Garmin instead of my Garmin I purchased the Wahoo Fitness Key as well as a lightening adapter and just downloaded the Wahoo Fitness app.

I did a test today to see if I could get everything working properly. I successfully pair to Garmin to the Wahoo app and was able to download my run from this morning into the Wahoo app. I even upgraded my Strava account to Premium in case that was the issue. I even changed my Strava login password in case I was typing it incorrectly. All to no avail. If that fails as well, then definitely reach out to Wahoo to see if they can troubleshoot. I tried a test recording within the Wahoo app — same issue. I think the problem is with Strava and not Wahoo.

Same thing…. Now I just upload to Garmin Connect and then garmin sync will automatically push it to Strava. WF have acknowledged an issue with upload to strava on their twitter feed. Probably related to strava switching off the old API. I found GarminSync earlier tonight. Hopefully it will do as a work around. I got a message directly from WF early this morning about this issue. They have submitted an updated version of the app to correct the issue and hope to have it approved by next week. Here is the page I have put up explain the issue with IpBike.

Follow up on my end. Galaxy S3 and Forerunner Seems to work without additional power supplied. As long as I can do that I am good. That will allow me to keep my workouts logged on vacation and I can upload them to garmin connect manually when I get home. Great post! Thank you so much for doing the heavy lifting and providing this amazing guide! I haven installed this: What could cause this problem? Do you know if Wahoo has any intention to make one of these that is compatible with the iphone 5 or ipad mini? I use my Wahoo just this morning all the time with my iPad mini. All you need is the lightening adaptor and it works perfectly.

Good day I have a Forerunner I have tried more than 1 PC. In the past it downloaded correctly. What is the solution for this problem? Thank you. Its pairing ok with my garmin but this message just keeps coming up on the uploader? This far along one would think that Garmin would develop their own App and Ant device that could do all this without third parties. I have an iPad 2 and a forerunner I have tried to down load from a camera connector USB with out success so I then downloaded an app — connect stats.

Still doesnt work. I have now downloaded from forerunner10 to my pc and can open the run details on the iPad. Is there any way I can download direct to iPad? I cant see it listed but its now a watch that is discontinued. Just need to know before I swap it out for the nike gps one.

Thanks, thats disappointing, I primarily just use my ipad now. Thanks again! I have a forerunner Reason is that I want to upload my rides to Endomondo, but for that I need to get access to the files on the Edge either via USB or bluetooth, as the Garmin Connect app only upload to GC and garminsync do not support syncing with Endomondo due to their lack of an open API. FIT file. I just cannot accept that Garmin cant the data off, it is after all only a hard drive? Can you find a friend with a computer? I do have a computer, it just wont recognize the handset as a mass storage device.

My last throw of the dice will be WD40 to clean the connections have tried compressed air. After that I think my South African rides will be lost forever! Any microsd card? Thanks for the help, I like the Idea of the button combo, but have spoken to Garmin and they say there is no solution other than a new handset.

Saving to the SD card is a wonderful hindsight solution and what i will do in future. But they were K over 3 days followed by a time trial in Swaziland. I thought I should give you an update on this — I have successfully extracted my ride data from Garmin without computer connectivity faulty USB socket. First you need to change the settings to save data to the SD card, then create a new course by selecting the relevant activity your ride , this will create a. Ihave a MAC so used link to teambikeolympo. You can do a lot more with software but default settings should be fine.

Out of curiosity though, why convert to. Both Strava and Garmin Connect read the native. FIT file without any issues. Nah, a. FIT file is the native format that all Garmin devices made in the last 3 years as the native activity file format. This worked perfectly! On a side note, this did not work on my 1st gen Nexus 7, I am guessing that I would need the Y-adapter.

Am hearing that this is a Garmin issue as a firmware update appears to have broken it. Works with iOS! Do you know how I can do this? It appears a similar issue was resolved by updating to 4. I have a Goole nexus 10 which does not recognise my garmin With regards to connectivity I was going for the tablets with USB for ease of downloading. Has anyone used one of these with the Garmin. Side note: My fall back tablet would be the new Microsoft surface 2. So I managed to be able to find a way to do this with an Ipad 4th Gen with the use of a Kingston Mobilelite wireless card reader and an App called iCab.

I just got the — i like the fact i can setup bluetooth and it auto downloads when i get home from a run. But is there a way i can do the same into training peaks as that is my preferred program? TP dont have an app — I tried the Wahoo but surely i dont need an adapter? And the apps like CopyMySports.

Can anyone help me with my nexus 10? Not until Samsung pushes Android version 4. Look at reply from Shane and the link that explains the issue with the earlier Android version in the Linux kernel. My comment was not about the S3. It was specifically referencing a specific S 4 build that had an SELinux issue. S3 or S4, the above comment about needing 4. Thanks both to Shane and Rainmaker.

I have problems with my S4 on Android 4. I was hoping that going to Android V4. Just looking to see if I can save some bucks 39 vs 59, and maybe with the difference subside the lighting adapter: Let me know, I want to get rid of the need to use the computer everytime that I want to sync my workouts. You need the Wahoo key. The Garmin key only works with the Garmin Fit app, which does nothing in this area.

Thanks for the info. Now, what you could do is check out Tapirik, which just today added Training Peaks support. That means as soon as your uploads to Garmin Connect, it transfers to Training Peaks behind the scenes. Other option is to use Wahoo Fitness Key and their app and just use iPhone in back pocket. Given that has bluetooth and can make a connection to iPhone, etc.

Harris — was there a trick to connect the to the wahoo ant? Mine just gets stuck on Search for device but never pairs. Are you aware of any Android apps that will let you analyze bike data i. Hi Ray, originally I experienced the same. But I just tried the upload from the Wahoo app to GC again and the data in Garmin Connect seems to be pretty fine now.

Per lane data and so on is all there. And I started developing of the app itself as I personally do not like the sport web-portals such as GC on mobile devices. Those websites do not work well on the limited screen real estate in my eyes. Surprisingly too, the transfer was quicker on my Android devices than on my PC!!!

GARMIN Express

And Sportablet supports a surprising range of sites, including Garmin Connect and SportTracks both of which I use and love. Thanks for your awesome blog which first put me onto the idea that this could actually be done. Can I upload direct from a xt to Strava This is where Upload all my swim, bike and run data without going through an iMac or iPad? Which is easier to use with a xt — android or apple?

I have an iMac, iPad and iPhone. The notification that the device is connected only appears for a short time and disappears again. I also tried using a Y-cable with a 1 Ampere powers supply without success. Any idea what else I can try? Do you think I can harm my devices when I try other power supplies with a stronger output? I have an Android 4. I intend to take the tablet and garmin on a training camp and want to be able to record rides while i am there.

Adam, my samsung tab I need a Y-cable plugged into the tab, the and a USB charger, then the work like a mass-storage device and I can use whatever tools available on Android to transfer the workouts.

App Garmin Connect : primeros pasos y funciones útiles.

It appears the Wahoo Fitness App is no longer compatible with the Garmin mobile application. Firstly, thanks for all the work you do. We will be north of the Arctic Circle, and off grid the entire week and probably no mobile signal. I want to use my to track our route each day. But it runs Gingerbread — and the uploader for Garmin that you list here requires Androind 3. Do you have any ideas for a solution? Is there any earlier version of the garmin uploader that would work? My priority is to save the data till I get back and can upload it to Sportstracks.

Hi DC, great site. I,m looking to get a new Gps mainly for cycling. I would like to connect it with my IPad mini. I,m thinking of a Garmin but would like to know if you have any other suggestions of a better product. I think one of the Garmin wrist models has a model with this feature. What are your thoughts thanks for your time. As for TE, on the Garmin side the Fenix2 has it now, which is more of a wrist based normal-looking watch.

Not offhand.

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All recent Android devices can utilize the dongle, but of course, some have it built in. Hi I have a couple of questions. Any suggestions. I have the garmin and would like to use just my ipad now to use garmin connect. But I have a question about another app, i. So far I was only able to see a summary of my activities in the app starting time, duration….

Did they change the Wahoo fitness app maybe? Any guesses how that might be achieved, Ray? Unfortunately, no luck there as the Bluetooth connection is across a private API. Any ingsight? Wow, thank you very much for sharing your study! Great work! It would be great if it was possible to sync the via phone using just the native hardware.

Do you know if you can connect a Suunto ambit 2r to an iPad mini 2 and download onto movescount and or strava?

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  • I do not know if it is still possible, but it was at least possible. I also did this with an iPhone 4. However that was quite some time ago. I currently own and use an iPhone 5s, and usually also only download files via my own app Trainalyse. It has the advantage that it is able to pair with ANT-FS watches and download new files automatically at new syncs.

    The wahoo app does not provide that option. As of early March , the Wahoo app has stopped working with the Wahoo key, iPad, and pin to lightning adaptor. I submitted a support request to Wahoo and they said it was a known bug and that a fix was coming. Unfortunately the updated app, released March 17, , did not fix the problem.

    Too bad. Thanks for the reply. We do not have an eta for the fix at this time, but our app developers are looking into this issue as we speak. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next update. I am looking into getting a iPad to replace my PC. Searching on Google Play I recently came across this app: Diid you know it? I think it is worth mentioning it in this tutorial… Thanks again, Emmanuel. I would really appriciate if someone could explain me how to do it, which menu steps should I follow…. But after I downloaded the latest firmware 3.

    Has anyone encountered the same thing? This was the most useful article I found and using the information provided, I was finally able to upload my activities from my Garmin Forerunner XT to my Google Nexus 10 Android Tablet. From there, I was able to transfer the activity to my Garmin Connect account.

    This is so much better than using my klunky Windows computer which I avoid turning on as much as possible. Most all my internet activity is done either on the Nexus 10 tablet or on my Samsung Chromebook. In the post, you said that the Wahoo adapter is supposed to work with a lightning adapter. Do you know if anyone has confirmed this?

    Garmin Connect Mobile - Download

    I have used your solution for the past couple of years to upload my garmin xt workouts via the Wahoo adapter from an iPhone4s. Yes, many have confirmed it. Although the devices would pair, the Wahoo screen not longer shows the data transfer process, it just gets frozen. Please pass the word. So in that case, you can use the Surface Pro identically do that of a regular PC none of this stuff needed. Hi, I recently bought a Garmin Edge I also own a iPad 4. My preferred app I use to train is Strava.

    Is it possible I can transfere my stats from my Garmin to iPad onto Strava? Thank you, Paddy. From there you can view them on your iPad. I just have a new smartphone huawei P8 and wanted to connect this with my forerunner According to the site of sportablet this is possible so I installed the apps sportablet, ant usb and ant radio service. I added a printscreen of what is installed on my smartphone. Which instructions do I follow? Hoping you can help, thanks! Do you know of any other work around so I can keep uploading my xt to my iPhone.

    For the moment it satisfies me in what I need. Well, my question is this: I just want to transfer the training to Garmin Connect. Could this be possible using some accessory? Here the Link: To a Samsung A5 , model. Both edge and phone are receiving power are charging. Have you tried it with a usb C equipped tablet or phone yourself?

    Thanks Peter. Hey Ray, given that this thread is very old now, and the recent restrictions to taking laptops on planes, it would be nice if you could publish a new guide to getting data from sports devices up to Garmin connect or Strava using a chromebook, IOS or Android tablet and phone. Solved it by buying a new ! Please help! Regards Yola. This might be a stupid question, but is there any reason I need the Wahoo adaptor to connect to my iPhone SE?

    Do I require a special app to do this? If you just want to record live data to Strava or some other app, then you might be able to use the adapter. In that case, welcome to the club! In the words of Metallica, sad but true. Maybe if enough people chime in they will listen?

    I swim, bike and run. Then, I come here and write about my adventures. Most of the time. You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! Plus, you'll be more awesome. Click above for all the details. Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! Wanna help support the site? You have two options. Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back. No cost to you, easy as pie! Wanna create comparison chart graphs just like I do for GPS, heart rate, power meters and more?

    No problem, here's the platform I use - you can too! Check out my weekly podcast - with TRS Triathlon , which is packed with both gadget and non-gadget goodness! I have built an extensive list of my most frequently asked questions. Below are the most popular. You probably stumbled upon here looking for a review of a sports gadget. Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with hundreds of photos! I aim to leave no stone unturned. Looking for the equipment I use day to day? Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by! I travel a fair bit, both for work and for fun.

    Many readers stumble into my website in search of information on the latest and greatest sports tech products. So here is the most up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me and my training needs best! DC Rainmaker swim, bike, run, and general gear list. But wait, are you a female and feel like these things might not apply to you? Search for: Skip to content. Android Downloading: In summary, grab the following: Well, almost. The real key here is the ability to then share or post these to various online services like Strava, Training Peaks and even Garmin Connect: It may take a wee bit of time.

    Unlike the Android downloader, the Wahoo App allows you to pick specific workouts, thus reducing the time to wait the Android app grabs all of them, taking forever: Windows Surface RT Downloading: Pretty much all works as normal: Share 4. Shares 9. From Garmin International: Garmin Connect Mobile on Windows Phone is designed to help you focus even more clearly on your fitness and healthy living goals.

    All the data you rely on is accessible via real-time alerts from Live Tiles or by opening the app to view in more detail. Additionally, Garmin Connect Mobile integrates seamlessly with Cortana so when you're looking for specific details, like stats from your last run, Cortana can deliver that information right when you ask. You can also upload data from your compatible fitness watch or device to share on our online network, so you can compare times or compete with friends on weekly step or running challenges.

    Customize what matters to you by selecting activities such as running, walking and sleep to show up in your daily snapshot. Latest Stories. Google Drive: How to get the most out of the app for iOS and Android The settings you should tweak, and the features you should know about. Read more. The Gmail mobile app redesign is bright white -- but there are workarounds Until a dark theme or dark mode arrives, you can use a mobile browser that has one built in.

    How to use Google Drive cloud storage in a desktop web browser This service's web app has a lot of utility, if you know where to look. Please Wait. Add Your Review. You are logged in as. Please submit your review for Garmin Connect Mobile for Windows Thank You for Submitting Your Review,! Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site.

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