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The device is Domestic SIM Unlock capable The device must be or have been active on the Sprint network for a minimum of 50 days Any associated Service Agreement, Installment Billing Agreement, or Lease Agreement has been fulfilled including payment in full of any applicable early termination fees or end-of-lease purchase options. The associated account is in good standing The device has not been reported as lost or stolen, associated with fraudulent activity, or otherwise flagged as ineligible to be unlocked International unlocking requests have a similar see of rules which include the following terms: The device is capable of international SIM unlock The person requesting the international SIM unlock is a current Sprint customer that can authenticate as the Account Holder or an Authorized Contact The applicable device is currently active on a Sprint account and the applicable account has been active for at least 90 days.

The account is in good standing Each phone number on the account is allowed up to two unlocked devices within a 12 month period. The device has not been reported as lost or stolen, associated with fraudulent activity, or otherwise flagged as ineligible to be unlocked If you meet the criteria above, you can contact the Sprint Customer Care to request for the Domestic SIM Unlock and Sprint Worldwide Care for international unlocking.

My iPhone is unlocked now what? Once it is unlocked, you can use your iPhone on another carrier by following the instructions below: Power off your iPhone. Remove the existing SIM card from your phone. Restart the iPhone. Maybe they need to hire more bloggers? Is it possible to use a Verizon-based service and one that uses a SIM card on the same iPhone simultaneously?

Verizon iPhone 4 Unlocked To Run On Cricket Wireless Pay-As-You-Go CDMA Network

The following is an excerpt from a post on howardforums: Has anyone used their iPhone 4S, 5 or 5S with a sim card bought for use Internationally and had it work? Verizon has told me that all these phones are now 'unlocked' and can be used with other international carriers. When i told them that is good since it's been signed into law by Obama first of the year I don't understand why this is not being well covered in media or forums Verizon tech said " There isn't any law that requires carriers to unlock any phone.

TracFone and their brands won't unlock their phones no matter how long you have paid for the service and that's perfectly legal. Anybody try this?

Unlock Verizon iPhone 4 On Cricket Network Carrier | Very Rite

And is it still work with CDMA service? I hope it work on both net work then consumer has more choice. My Verizon 4s not only works on tmobile, it connects at 4G in Fla. I thought this only got 3G speeds. Okay so, I here you guys talking about putting sim cards into a verizon 4 s. It has a built in sim.

iPhone Says No SIM Card, Invalid SIM, Or SIM Card Failure – How To Fix

Am I missing something? Just plugged in my verizon 4s and message pop up said it was unlocked! I put in a Ting sim Tmobile and it's working I watched countless YouTube videos and tried all the steps made available nothing worked. I researched several "hack" companies nothing worked.

I even purchased a sim card kit from Walmart it did not work. I tried the "take the original sim out, put the phone on airplane mode fiasco, then put in new sim and turn the phone back on" did not work. I was so frustrated!!!

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After going through the steps provided in the activation kit, I now have service. So if your iphone doesn't support sim - check your iPhone - may be its locked! Just plugged in my verizon 4s and message pop up said it was unlocked My iphone 4s Verizon does still not work with Simple sim card by Tmobile. It gives me a message saying call your carrier to unlock or contact Apple. The sim card does not support by my carrier.

Should I call Verizon again, or call Apple? Someone has any ideas? Make sure you're connected to wifi before inserting your simple sim card. Coming late to the thread.

How to Flash IPhone 4 running IOS 5.0.1 to Cricket

I have a 4s. I'm so glad this worked.

Unlock Verizon iPhone 4 On Cricket Network Carrier

Just put the sim and activation screen came up and just had to put in my iCloud id and zap.. I'm using a Verizon locked iPhone 4s in India , hwo can i unlock it? One of my relatives sent it to me.. Apple is the only one that can unlock or fix your phone from their server; the carrier such as Verizon, Sprint or ATT is not legally responsible and will not help. Apple will only unlock a Verizon iPhone if Verizon authorizes it. They will tell you if it's unlocked for free so there's no reason to pay for support.

The Verizon iPhone your relative sent you should already be unlocked provided your relative's account with Verizon was not flagged for non-payment. What happens when you put an Indian SIM in the phone? Unless you get a "The SIM card that you have currently installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server" message your iPhone is unlocked.

At the end of that process you should see the message "Congrats your iphone is unlocked" message. If you don't have your relative call Verizon and ask why the phone is not unlocked.

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Cricket's website says they will not flash a Verizon iphone 4s. There's a company called "Imei phone unlock" site: If u guys need unlock I recommend this guys: Contrary to this article saying that all are unlocked. I called Verizon and got nowhere. My dad confirmed that he hasn't connected it to iTunes in over a year ha! So, if you are having trouble switching your iPhone to a different network, first try backing it up and restoring it via iTunes. Don't pay for an online IMEI check Apple will do it for free. One more note All comments must be approved before they will appear. The following types of comments will not be approved: For example, if you need 2 lines with 1 GB of data each, you would select 2 GB of data with the data slider below.

Email This BlogThis! News , Popular , Unlocked Phones , Verizon. Comment Page: Anonymous February 26, at Anonymous February 26, at 1: Dennis Bournique December 16, at 7: Anonymous February 27, at 6: RPGhey February 26, at 2: Anonymous February 26, at 2: Anonymous March 1, at 6: Anonymous February 26, at 3: Dennis Bournique February 26, at 3: When you see that email, just simply connect your iPhone to a Wifi network and insert any SIM card, your iPhone should work instantly! If it doesn't work, please try to go: If 2 methods above are not working Almost of cases happened if you are using iOS 6 or lower , then you have to connect your iPhone to Apple iTunes and restore it to latest iOS version.

Checking your IMEI number Net Trusted and exact. Guide Reviews Guarantee. If your iPhone is not actived, there will be a little "i" button on the screen, tap it to get your IMEI. Excellent 9. Click to read reviews. Price from. Unlock Verizon iPhone. Dont know where to get IMEI? Click here to learn how to get your phone IMEI number. Get unlocked for FREE?

Description Pricing table. Unlock Verizon iPhone description.