Episodes 2 through 5 were released throughout February to June , with the final episode released on June 23, Telltale published the series as retail products for the PlayStation 3 and Wii consoles for North America. The ports feature updated voice work from Tom Wilson , who played Biff Tannen in the films Biff was voiced by Kid Beyond in the original release. The Game is a graphic adventure played from a third-person perspective. The player controls Marty to explore the 3D environments using either the keyboard, mouse or game controller to move around.

The player can have Marty examine objects, talk to non-player characters initiating dialog through conversation trees , and perform specific actions in order to solve puzzles and progress the game. Some items can be picked up and stored in Marty's inventory, and then can be used later to interact with other characters or objects.

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The game provides a list of current goals for the player to complete to advance the game. The player can access a hint system, revealing one clue at a time from a number of cryptic clues for how to solve a specific puzzle. It has been six months since Marty McFly witnessed Dr. Emmett Brown disappear into an unknown time, and the bank has foreclosed on Doc's home. On May 14, , while helping his father George sort through Doc's possessions, Marty is surprised to see a DeLorean time machine , which he thought had been destroyed, appear outside the house.

Back to the Future: The Game - Episode III: Citizen Brown

Inside is Einstein, Doc's dog, and a tape recorder with a message from Doc explaining how the DeLorean would return to this present should Doc ever run into problems. Einstein helps track down Edna Strickland, the elderly sister of Marty's school principal and a former reporter for Hill Valley's paper. Marty and Einstein travel to to save Doc. Marty arrives on June 13, , and learns that Doc was accused of arson upon the Kid's illegal speakeasy , that the new DeLorean is a temporal copy created by the lightning strike of and have been tossed to when Doc travelled into the future between the first and second movies and thus needs to escape the jail.

Doc tells Marty to seek the aid of his younger self, Emmett, who at this point in time assists his father, Judge Brown at the courthouse who strongly dislikes Emmett's desire to go into science. While convincing Emmett to help, Marty convinces Artie, who serves as Kid's accountant, to testify against Kid as to help prove Doc's innocence. Believing all is well, Doc and Marty prepare to return to the present when Marty finds himself disappearing.

Doc discovers Artie would be killed the next day for testifying, thus affecting Marty's existence. They return and instead convince Artie to flee town after testifying. Arriving on May 15, , they realize that for some unknown reason, Kid was able to expand his criminal operations and owns all of Hill Valley and that Jennifer never existed.

Marty and Doc return to , and find another option: After Marty reasoned with him, Parker decided to turn against Kid to win back Betty. Kid and his gang are jailed, and all appears well. Marty and Doc return to the future unaware that their actions have caused Edna to fall in love with Emmett, and their relationship causes Emmett to forgo his scientific inventions.

When they return to again, Doc disappears, and Marty crashes the DeLorean into a billboard. Sneaking inside, Marty learns that Edna has brainwashed Emmett and used his genius to craft the means to create a perfect society in her eyes. Marty is able to get close to Citizen Brown and show him a notebook he recovered from with the first drawing of Doc's flux capacitor. Citizen Brown is awash with memories and realizes he was meant for better things. He helps Marty to repair the DeLorean and the two set off for to try to undo the earlier mistake.

However, the damage to the DeLorean ends up leaving them two months after Marty's initial appearance in , where Edna and Emmett's relationship has grown. Marty is ready to take whatever steps are needed to end it, but Citizen Brown becomes concerned over what will happen to Edna and upset that Marty does not consider her feelings, and drives off alone in the DeLorean to contemplate the situation. Marty, with help from Trixie, first ends Edna and Emmett's relationship, but Emmett still is reluctant to return to his science pathway.

Meanwhile, Edna is picked up by Citizen Brown, and when she relates what Marty has done, Brown decides to help her to stop Marty's plan. During this, he happens to learn that Edna was responsible for the arson of Kid's speakeasy. During the Expo, Emmett successfully demonstrates his flying car, just as Judge Brown arrives. Marty is able to help Emmett and Judge Brown reconcile their differences, with Emmett's father now accepting his son's scientific pursuits. Edna is furious as her plan has been foiled, and when Citizen Brown refuses to help further, she steals the DeLorean, running him over, before inadvertently disappearing in time with it.

As he dies, Citizen Brown tells Marty he was right about Edna. Marty gives Emmett a sealed note with instructions to be opened in the future. Shortly after, a second DeLorean appears with Doc at the wheel, having been summoned from the present by the note. As they talk about events, the town of Hill Valley disappears around them. Travelling to July 17, , Marty and Doc discovering a crazed Edna had travelled there and attempted to burn down the tavern run by Beauregard Tannen which destroyed the town. They stop Edna in time before she can commit the act, returning her and the first DeLorean to the restored Hill Valley of Edna is quickly arrested as she continues to ramble about her act of arson, and put into jail with Kid.

The alternate DeLorean then disappears, having been erased by the timeline. As Marty and Doc are preparing to return, Marty spots Artie and Trixie, having fallen in love with each other, and worries about his future since Artie was to be wed to his grandmother Sylvia, but Trixie reveals that Sylvia is her real name. Doc and Marty arrive in and discover that in this new post-time-travel timeline, there was no estate sale because Doc's reconciliation with his father allowed the Browns to stay part-time in Hill Valley.

They find that Edna and Kid had fallen in love while in jail, and afterwards married and both became much happier and friendlier since. Doc reveals his previous absence to Marty; he had been compiling a history of the McFly family to present to Marty as a graduation gift but found information on his grandmother challenging to come across as she was working under the name Trixie and thus had travelled to to attempt to obtain research first-hand.

Suddenly, three separate DeLoreans appear, each with a different future version of Marty driving them. They approach Marty and Doc and insist they come to help assure that their respective futures occur as they are supposed to. Doc and his Marty leave the Marties arguing with each other, saying the future can wait until after they have enjoyed the present for a while; they then depart to an unknown time.

The DeLorean, thought to be destroyed, reappears, and Marty travels to the year to rescue a time-stranded Doc Brown, who has been accused of burning down a speakeasy and put in jail. To break him out, Marty must work with Doc's younger self to build a rocket drill in the process, Marty gives a subpoena to his grandfather Arthur to arrest Biff's father Kid Tannen for his wrongdoings.

Back to the Future: The Game - Episode III: Citizen Brown – FAQ/Walkthrough

Doc is suddenly moved to another jail, so Marty races after him on a rocket powered bicycle and frees him, but as they prepare to go back to , Marty's hand suddenly begins to disappear. Doc realizes from a newspaper that Marty's grandfather will be killed, explaining why Marty is disappearing, and Marty goes off to save him, and does so, but back in , he finds that Biff has two brothers now and are bullying everyone in the town.

Marty then goes back to the day Kid would be arrested to fix the timeline. Returning to , Marty finds that the timeline has been changed, turning Hill Valley into a brainwashed society run by an alternate version of Doc. Marty's gotten into a sticky situation as he is dealing with the consequences of his and Doc's actions back in s' Hill Valley, so it's going to take some crafty thinking for him to get out of this mess and back in time to fix the altered timeline.

Marty discovers that Edna has burned down Hill Valley as a result of his actions in Doc and Marty must stop Edna from destroying Hill Valley to fix their timeline. The Game was announced by developer Telltale Games in early June , as part of a licensing deal to create video games based on Universal Pictures ' Back to the Future and Jurassic Park film series.

The development team sought input from fans on various scenarios by means of an online survey [26] and brought in trilogy co-creator, co-writer and co-producer Bob Gale as story consultant. In September , the team revealed the first piece of concept art for the protagonists, created by artist Ryan Jones and based on actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd , who allowed their likenesses to be used for the in-game characters.

As Michael J. Fox was unavailable to reprise his role as Marty for the game, newcomer A. Locascio voiced the character instead, [35] though Fox later provided voice work for Marty's great grandfather William in the fifth and final episode of the game, as well as for the three futuristic versions of Marty who appear in the game's final cutscene.

Tom Wilson reprised his role as Biff Tannen for the 30th anniversary revamp. To promote the title, Telltale brought a replica of the DeLorean time machine as part of their booth display at the Penny Arcade Expo which occurred shortly after the game's announcement.

Blitz Through Time , with mechanics similar to Bejeweled Blitz , to tie in with the episodic series. A voucher for a free copy of the first episode of the series was included in the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray release of the Back to the Future trilogy on October 26, Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research for each pre-order. The Game received generally positive reviews. The first episode, "It's About Time", was praised by several reviewers as an effective start to the series. IGN 's Greg Miller gave the episode a score of 8. Instead, it pushes the characters in interesting directions and whips up a good story.

The review added that "The entertaining story that follows is enhanced by believable character interactions, imbuing the adventure with a great sense of authenticity. The review concluded, "Fans will delight in the more nostalgic and clever moments of "It's About Time", but it's a short, easy and somewhat bland introduction to the series, which we hope still has time to get a lot better.

Locascio's impersonation of Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly. Most reviewers were critical of the episode's puzzles as being too simplistic and easy. The Game. The game reached number 3 in the PS3 sales charts. I convinced IDW to go back in time with me to correct a few mistakes we made the first time around, as well as to set up some things that pay off cleverly in true BTTF style.

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Find a walkthrough Ask a question Start a discussion. Home PlayStation 3 Back to the Future: Citizen Brown Questions. How do I defeat Leech? Guest asks: Added Jan 25th , ID Question for Back to the Future: Examine the ammo box to take the spray paint. Use the spray paint on the plank to spray it blue. Select the plank to jump over the fence. Examine the pallette, fridge or the table and Einstein will run out of the alley. Exit the alley and then return to it to see Einstein jump over the fence.

Select the plank to jump over the fence again. There will now be blue footprints leading toward one of the objects in teh alley. Examine the object that the blue footprints end at to find Einstein. Use the hotdog sample on Einstein to get the dog demerit. Say "You and the SoupMo guy?

Say "Guitar? I play guitar! Say "I can outplay Leech any day! The aim now is to select the correct movements so that Leech sets himself up to fall. Start by selecting the Scissor Kick to knock the amp over: Leech will knock his amp and some buckets over. Move towards Jennifer and then climb on the platform twice so that Leech is standing on the plank.

Hop and Leech will fall into the dumpster. Open the window to get the PDA demerit. Select any reply nine times and Brown will ask Marty to look around the room to find objects that might help his memory. Examine the movie ticket and the photo of Einstein on the desk.

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Walk to the left side of the room and examine the portrait. Walk to the right side of the room and examine the fish tank. Brown shows Marty a photograph and Marty says he sees something. Examine the photo and select Marty and Doc standing on the other side of the road: Brown begins to realise Marty is telling the truth, but wants proof that people aren't happy in this version of Hill Valley. Examine the bat and select any reply when George asks who could have mugged him.

Select any option. Say "I need to give it to Citizen Brown. George doesn't believe Marty has been breaking rules. Show one of the demerits to George. Say "Do it for Arthur. He wants Marty to help him find the surveillance feed to the yard. Examine the monitors and select the bottom-left switch twice to see the camera that shows the yard. Say "Why'd you beat up my dad? He says he can't hurt anyone thanks to Citizen Plus.

Say "Where were you when my dad was attacked? He doesn't remember. Say "What's the last thing you remember? Edna wanted to run a diagnostic on his watch and then he fell asleep. Say "Let me see your watch. Press the mode button and then press the left down arrow three times to change the left letter to X. Press the right up arrow eleven times to change the right number to Press the mode button again.

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